post meal blood glucose test – two hours after first bite of your meals

Diabetes management is necessary to keep blood glucose levels under check. By regular monitoring of the blood glucose levels you can ensure that your plan is on track. As the readings would provide the latest trends, you would know if your diet, medication and exercises are of any use or not. You can take different tests to check the glucose levels. You may find the blood glucose test done one or two hours after first bite of your meal very useful to know how your body is responding to sugar intake.

Blood glucose test – first bite

We are all aware that what you eat, drink and how much exercise you do affects blood glucose level. Among the popular tests done to check for diabetes is the fasting blood glucose test. It is normally done in the morning as you would have completely fasted for at least 8 hours and not had any food or drinks that time. The results are accurate. Similarly there is another test, the postprandial test which you can take 2 hours after you have had your meal.

The blood glucose levels are high when you eat anything. If you have carbohydrate rich foods you may find your glucose levels soaring to 150mg/dL immediately after you eat. The glucose levels should come back to normal that is between 80 to 126mg/dL after 2 to 3 hours after the meal. If the levels are not in this normal range it is an indicator of some health issues. You should consult your doctor to interpret the test results.

The plan for glucose level testing normally includes testing first thing in the morning before you eat anything. One may be advised two hours after your first bite of food for the day. Similarly, you can test the levels after two hours after your lunch as well as evening meals. The relevance of testing before meals is you get a baseline to study our glucose pattern. Now some would have a question as to when to start counting, after the meal, beginning of the meal or middle of the meal. Then the standard is to start counting one or two hours after you have taken the first bite of your meal. ADA advices that you should take the test two hours after the first bite as the glucose levels are moving down toward normal after two hours. If they do not come down and show higher range then that can be an easy pointer to something being wrong with your system. Further test may be advised to confirm what causes the glucose levels to remain high.

This test is also advised to women during pregnancy. It helps monitor gestational diabetes in this period. During pregnancy the body naturally produces insulin to keep glucose levels in the range. However, sometimes that may prove to be inefficient in handling the glucose levels. Sometime a pre-meal glucose test may be required. Then a blood glucose test after first bite may be ordered to ensure that the glucose levels are in the acceptable range. The glucose levels should be in the normal range or it may cause excessive weight gain of the fetus leading to complications.

The point of testing is to ensure you are within the normal ranges. Whatever the target keep regular track and avoid complications.

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