Blood glucose tester reviews help select the tester that suits your needs the best

Diabetics have to ensure that they undertake blood glucose tests regularly as per the advice of the doctor. If you need to buy a new glucometer or find your old one inaccurate you should try to find a new one that would be suitable to your needs. Now there are several manufactures like Roche, Abbott’s, Meditronics etc that have come up with handy and easy glucose testers. You can choose the best from them that would satisfy your needs. There are several websites, discussion groups, blogs that provide information on these testers. They often have blood glucose tester reviews and testimonials from the users of different brands. This can be a good source of first hand information about the testers on which you may base your decision.

Blood glucose tester reviews

Most manufacturers have their own website where they market their products. These websites also have testimonials from their existing customers. Though many would be positive reviews, they also have reviews of unsatisfied customers. There are other websites like,, etc where individuals post their comments and reviews on individual meters. While doing some research on these meters I went through some comments. You can find people discussing about what type of tester; plasma or whole blood meters be used. One review I found was by a person expressing that it’s better to stick whole blood meters as plasma meters are way off the true readings. Replies to this comment and discussion about plasma meters available made the same gentleman accept the fact that both are equally useful and that you can use whichever you want.

There was a review about one such plasma monitor; The One Touch Ultra. The plasma meters normally show readings higher than whole blood meters and are considered more accurate. One Touch Ultra takes just 5 seconds for results. You also have alternative sites testing feature for this meter. Another reviewer expressed great satisfaction on the high level of accuracy, speed and small amount of blood required for testing.

A review from a person using an older model of Accu-Check was about the meter giving VERY low readings. When the person wrote to the manufacturers about the results, another latest meter was shipped to him free of cost. Many others shared a similar experience about Accu-chek meters. Many reviewers expressed satisfaction with Accu-chek’s round the clock support service and their efforts to ensure that customers gets the correct results.

In a review by a customer of Ascensia Contour, the lady loved its no-coding feature, as coding was something that she often used to forget. Further she shares the fact that its features made it much easier to get the required amount of blood. She says that with the earlier she often wasted strips as she did not aim well. Another reviewer preferred it for its compact size as she could easily carry it in her pocket, to her office too.

Another review order the Multiclix that comes packaged with Accu-Chek Aviva. She was impressed and surprised that it was so painless that she was surprised to look down and see that there was enough blood for a sample. The lancet device impressed her so she decided to use Aviva meter as well. It proved to be the easiest meter to use. She says she was highly impressed and fell in love with the meter.

If you are planning to buy a good tester you can find many blood glucose tester reviews. It is now easier to make a decision after reading the first hand experiences.

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