Signs you should watch for diabetes

Diabetes, a disease that is increasing at an alarming rate has caused fear in several minds. America views diabetes as an epidemic that has affected thousands of people including the young and the old. This dreadful disease is related to insulin and shows certain signs that you should watch out for. Diabetes may not be cured fully but early detection can help you from future complications. The early signs of diabetes are minor and this often leads people to ignore them. Toddlers are also at risk as they cannot tell the change happening in their body thus making them vulnerable to diabetes.

When the insulin fails to process the required amount of glucose for your body diabetes sets in. Blame it on today’s lifestyle or family history of diabetes; people all over the globe are falling prey to diabetes. The only way you can save yourself from diabetes is by learning about it and being alert to the warning signs. The signs you should watch out for will appear normal, however, they should not be neglected. Visiting a doctor regularly is a good option; however, self awareness helps to a large extent in fighting diabetes.

Here are the signs of diabetes you should watch out for.

Some of the common signs of diabetes will include excessive thirst. It is normal to feel thirsty but if no amount of water seems sufficient to quench your thirst, you have to believe that there is something wrong with your body. Excessive thirst is a warning sign of diabetes and you need to be quick to act on it. Along with excessive thirst you also experience frequent urination. At times due to frequent urination you might get affected by urinary tract infections. Dryness of the mouth is yet another sign you should watch out for.

Other signs you should watch for include sudden weight loss. Although you indulge in proper amount of meals, you will find a drop in your weight. Excessive hunger is another sign of diabetes that will make you hog all day long. Fatigue and tiredness are some more warning signs of diabetes that should not be taken lightly. Tiredness and fatigue not only occurs due to a stressful day but it is also one of the signs you should watch out for. Many a times a person will also experience blurred vision with headaches.

These warning signs of diabetes are often unknowingly neglected and realized only when severe stage of diabetes is diagnosed. Sadly many people are aware of these signs but are not ready to accept that they too can fall prey to diabetes. However if you have been suffering or experiencing any of the above signs for a long period, it is advisable to get your blood glucose levels checked.

Apart from regular medical checkups, observing the changes in your body is the only way to detect diabetes at the earliest. Symptoms like excessive hunger, thirst, weight loss, weakness, frequent urination and blurred vision are the signs you should watch out for. To lead a healthy and carefree life, it is best to take these signs seriously and take instant steps to fight it.

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