Signs and symptoms of diabetes in children

Oh! Spare me, not the children why can’t you just leave them alone, diabetes? If I had a hatchet I’d chop off every evil tentacle that tried to wrap itself around a child. Precious children, they don’t even know to how to express themselves clearly. The disease just invades their little bodies to lodge itself and begin its evil rule. Nevertheless, hope must never be lost for every dark cloud has a silver lining. The helpless infants, toddlers and children are like beautiful butterflies and flowers that adorn our lives.

The little pancreas begins to malfunction and does not produce the required amount of insulin or nothing at all. Without insulin it is impossible for the glucose to be transported to the cells where it is converted into energy. The child may display tiredness as the cells are starved for energy; the glucose is denied entry into the cells so they collect in the child’s bloodstream. This collection if not treated will cause the blood to become thick and syrup like and prevent it from flowing through the veins.

The kidneys are faithful in their functioning and filter the blood of any substance that is harmful to the body. Frequent urination leads to excessive thirst and children are known to drink large amounts of fluid. Dehydration sets in so the intake of fluid is recommended. Bedwetting is another sign especially if the child did not wet the bed before, weight loss in spite of a good appetite, tiredness, drowsiness and weakness set in. Infants and toddlers may suffer with persistent nappy rash despite medication; older girls may suffer yeast infections, itching or vaginal discharge.

The body needs energy to survive so when it is starved of the same it begins to break down the fat and protein to make use of. When this happens there is weight loss, the process causes the body to make a deadly poisonous by product called ketones, build up of this in the bloodstream causes acute nausea and stomach aches. The urine alone is not enough to rid the system of these so the child will be found breathing heavily and rapidly to get rid of it, a fruity odor is present in the breath. If this condition is left unattended it leads to unconsciousness and death.

If these symptoms are detected at the earliest then a lot of harm and damage can be avoided. Intravenous fluid and insulin rectifies the situation. A child should be monitored closely especially if he or she has developed the disease as it does not go away. I hate to say that it is a life long condition. Children mostly develop Type 1 diabetes or Juvenile diabetes and are insulin dependant. The symptoms are subtle and take a long time to manifest. The exact cause is not yet known but as parents you need to be vigilant and spontaneous. Never sit back with your hands folded and cry, be a source of encouragement and inspiration to your child in his or her trying times. Love and understanding can have a very soothing effect on the child.

Hold your child’s hand and together you can make it!

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