Wavesense keynote blood glucose monitoring system – fast and accurate.

Blood glucose monitoring systems are a necessity to diabetics to be in control of their diabetes. There are several manufactures of blood glucose meters who offer a wide range of monitoring systems. Among the popular ones is the Wavesense keynote blood monitoring system from AgaMatrix. They are high quality monitoring systems that provide world class features and accuracy in testing. It is the only meter that uses the WaveSense technology.

WaveSense keynote blood glucose monitoring system

It is a very easy and compact, virtually painless tester. It uses WaveSense which is a suite of digital signal processing and Dynamic ElectroChemistry technologies. The advantage it offers is the superior performance for biosensors. In simple words the WaveSense technology enables Keynote meter to give you extremely accurate results. The meter is extremely simple and very user friendly. There backlit display feature enable you to read in darkness also. The user interface is easy to understand at a glance. You can get your previous result simply with a push of a button. The test results are available in as little as 3 to 4 seconds yet highly accurate. The system also enables alternate site testing on palms and forearm giving your sore finger some time to rest.

The meter comes with ergonomic rubber grips and feet which gives you an easy grip and ensure that they do not slip out of your hands. It is among the smallest meters in the market. You need not feel burdened to carry it around wherever you go. You can easily carry it in your purse or pockets. This ensures that you do not avoid testing just because you cannot carry the meter to any place. There is also an alarm system for 6 reminders so that you would not forget testing times. If you are at office, school or are traveling, you can discreetly carryout the tests as per the schedule. As you test you can see the blood enter the test strip with a small sample size of 0.5 micro liters.

The memory capacity is to store about 300 test results with time and date. It provides you 14, 30 and 90 day averages. There is an automatic mealtime average that enable you to tract the readings throughout the day. There is automatic marking provided for the control solution for more accuracy. The well thought out safety features ensure there is lesser chance for confusion. The units are pre-set and cannot be changed by accident. There is also user an alarm you can set for hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic indicators. The double redundant power supply ensure maximum safety of results.
The data management has been made simple. The Zero-click system is easy and has been designed for use of professionals and diabetics. Efforts have been taken to get maximum input from endocrinologists, diabetes educators and diabetics themselves. The software design is complete with all sort of reports generated to help you notice the pattern and trends of your glucose levels over a period of time.

Generally the Wavesense Keynote blood glucose monitoring system includes the meter with batteries, 10 lancets, the Keynote control solution, lancing device, clear AST lancing device cap, owner’s booklet or reference guide and a carrying case. You can now be assured of getting accurate results and keep track of your diabetes and ensure you are in control.