how to give an insulin injection

If oral medications are not effective in controlling your diabetes then you have to take insulin. Generally in the case of gestational diabetes insulin is a better option than oral medication.

In diabetes main goal is keeping sugar levels in normal range. If your body produces no insulin or little insulin then glucose in the blood cannot enter your cells (to be used for energy) and the sugar level rises. When sugar level become very high, your kidneys begin to release sugar which can dehydrate you. Getting dehydrated means kidneys make less urine. To prevent dehydration you have to drink enough fluids and then you will be able to release excess sugar in your urine. All this happens because of high blood sugar.

To prevent high blood sugar and serious problems like hyperosmolar coma or diabetic ketoacidosis, you have to take insulin. Insulin is available in an injection or shot. It is given into the fatty tissues which are just under the skin. Insulin pens or insulin pumps are available in the markets which spray the medication directly into the skin.

Before giving an insulin injection you have to choose the part of your body to inject. Generally before breakfast take insulin injection on one of your arms, before lunch on one of your legs and before dinner take it on your abdomen. While taking the insulin, relax your muscles in the particular area, this will make the injection less painful.

Follow these steps for giving an insulin injection:

Wash your hands before giving the injection. Remove the lid of the insulin bottle. Remove the cap from the syringe. Push the needle through the rubber top of the bottle. Push the plunger so that air in the syringe goes into the bottle. Turn the insulin bottle in an upside position and slowly pull back the plunger of the syringe until black tip matches with the line showing your dose. Choose a proper place according to the timing of the injection and wipe the skin with an alcohol swab. Pinch the skin and hold the syringe at 90 degree angle to the skin and push the needle inside the skin. Slowly push the plunger to inject the insulin. Wait for some time and then slowly pull the needle out. Always take care while pulling the needle. Make sure that you draw it out at the same angle that you put it in. Carefully place the cap back on the needle and dispose the syringe. Put the insulin bottle back in the fridge. Do not reuse or share the syringe because diseases like hepatitis and HIV spread through the blood to blood contact.

You can learn the insulin inject technique from your diabetes doctor or healthcare provider. Always monitor your blood sugar level regularly. If you feel any symptoms of hypoglycemia consult your doctor and adjust the insulin dose. Hypoglycemia is type of diabetes which is caused due to low-sugar level.

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