Freestyle flash blood glucose meters compact and easy to use for accurate results

There has been a steady rise in the number of people suffering from diabetes and there is a need for more awareness on its control. Diabetes management can help keep away the bad effects of the disease that may arise in the future if it is not handled properly. It involves medication; diet and physical activity are a part of the plan. It is necessary that you monitor the blood glucose levels regularly when you are a diabetic or are suffering from hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. You can take the normal blood glucose levels test at the hospital labs or use the self monitoring kits available. There are many manufacturers who have developed safe and accurate blood glucose meters and other supporting devices. These are designed to enable you to easily check your blood glucose levels as advised by your doctor. You have the flexibility to carryout the blood glucose test as and when prescribed. Manufacturers of blood glucose meters like Accu-Chek, Abbott, Medtronic, etc have developed blood glucose meters in varying sizes and features. Abbott Diabetes care products are very popular and considered reliable. They offer a very small FreeStyle Flash blood glucose meter which is an innovative and compact meter, very handy and portable.

FreeStyle Flash blood glucose meter

The FreeStyle Flash is a very small and compact blood glucose meter in the market. It is popular for providing quick and accurate results of the blood test. The sample size is 0.6µl and the test time take just about 5 second. You can store up to 500 test results. As the blood size is very small you can take the samples from the forearm, upper arm, hand, thigh, calf or fingers. For those who may find it reading hard due to some reason can also find the display backlight and test light provision extremely useful. It is advised that it be used with FreeStyle test strips and FreeStyle Control Solution. Using others may give you inaccurate results. However it requires coding.

There are some very important instructions provided by the company. Severe dehydration and excessive water loss may lead to affecting the results which may be shown lower than they are. Similarly the Peritoneal dialysis solution containing Icodextrin or any of the compounds of Galactose more than 13mg/dL, Maltose more than 20 or Lactose more than 10 may cause the glucose levels to be overestimated. Similarly if the results are shown as below 60mg/dL or 240mg/dL and you are not experiencing the symptoms of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia you should repeat the test. Similarly if you have symptoms and readings more than specified you should consult your doctor immediately.

To conduct a test, insert a new strip into the meter. The meter will power on when done properly. When it is powered on you will get to see the word CODE where you may enter the select the number matching the number on your test strip. After you select the code select from the Blood Drop and Test strip options and then lance the area wherever you wish to check it from. After you hear a beep or see a short line moving clockwise on the screen. This gets done in about 5 seconds. The test result is then display on the screen.

The manufacturers Abbott have reminded the users of this test meter to check that their meter is displaying the correct unit of measure and strip calibration code each time they test. This is because the users may inadvertently change the units of measure on the meter in the setup mode and this has happened in some rare cases causing immense confusion.

The FreeStyle Flash blood glucose meters are extremely useful and very handy with a small blood sample and quick accurate results. With the painless testing possible now with the meter, everyone can ensure testing as per required frequency for better glucose control and healthy life.