currnt trends about diabetes mellitus type 2

currnt trends of diabetes mellitus type 2 have shown a steady climb. In case if the numbers continue to increase at the present rate then in a short while some countries will have an extensive outbreak. It is predicted that in China almost 10% of the total population will be suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2. With the current population of china being just over 1.2 billion, you can very well imagine the havoc it would cause in case the prediction comes true.

In such a scenario it would cause serious socioeconomic problems for the country and would be disastrous for the entire world economy. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is really a worry for the world at large.

In view of these strange and terrifying circumstances governments around the world are realizing the importance of proper diet and education of their masses to prevent the disease from attaining epidemic proportions. Special educational programs are being developed in some countries which are targeting the young in schools. These programs lay emphasis on impressing the children about the necessity of eating right and exercising daily. This is the right approach to tackle this problem as most of the dietary habits are acquired at a very young age. Large funds are being allocated in several populous countries, running in billions of dollars for this. Although this looks like a big amount but when compared to the cost of healthcare in case this many number of people were to develop diabetes type 2 it is the least that governments can do.

According to current estimates there are close to 23 million people in the US at present living with diabetes, this makes almost 8% of the total population of the United States. Another astonishing fact is that an equal number is estimated to be living with pre-diabetes condition. It is safe to assume that the number of people afflicted by diabetes will double in the coming years. The only way to stop this menace is by changing diet and making lifestyle changes. This terrifying and alarming situation has made the government take notice of this and there are many facilities where they are offering free testing of diabetes to elderly patients, young and women who are pregnant.

There are many new trends observed in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2. According to a study it has been observed that many new approaches are being tried by medical professionals to treat patients. New and innovative treatment approaches has resulted in the fall of simple insulin dispensed from 38% in 1994 to 28% in 2007. Today over 50% of patients are successfully treated with biguanides. This, however, is a costly treatment and a cause of concern for the authorities and medical professionals. The year 2007 saw the national average of diabetes prescription cost jumping to 12.5 billion from 7 billion in 2001. This is primarily due to the fact that these new class of drugs are twice as expensive as the older insulin regime. To top it, it is still unclear how effective these new drugs are going to be.

In a nutshell there is a lot happening to treat and prevent diabetes mellitus type 2. What the future holds is still not known. If the number of patients decreases then it is money well spent if not then only dietary and lifestyle changes can bring in the desired results.

Only time will tell, how successful the world has been in tackling this problem.

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