biomedical treatment of type 1 diabetes

Biomedical treatment of type 1 diabetes is a process of restoring the irregularity in the patient’s blood sugar levels with the use of medical instruments such as insulin pumps and deliver exact and precise amount of insulin at regular intervals into the bloodstream. Recent advances in the field of technology ahs enabled the use of hi-tech gadgets to control the dreaded disease.

Patients, who have type 1 diabetes, are at constant risk of a common emergency like hypoglycemia. Health care providers must be able to recognize and treat hypoglycemia. The common cautionary signs of hypoglycemia are tremors, dizziness, tachycardia, unconsciousness, confusion, agitation and in case they are not treated appropriately then the result is death. Prevention is the best treatment for hypoglycemia.

People who have type 1diabetes now have improved control over their daily lives owing to the advances in biomedical expertise. People who have type 1diabetes are now competent to maintain their blood-glucose levels at more acceptable and secure levels. This is on account of accessibility of new types of insulin, techniques of insulin delivery and monitoring of blood glucose.

Biomedical treatment of type 1 diabetes is by far the most regular form of treatment recommended by both people and health providers consisting of readily available western medicines. In contrast, the use of traditional remedies appears to be relatively low. Families are more likely to rely on biomedical treatments, when they seek health providers, especially doctors, pharmacists and personnel at health care centers rather than traditional practitioners.

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