Companion blood glucose monitoring system with talking feature for the visually impaired

The blood glucose monitoring systems that we normally use have very good user friendly features. You may have seen meters from Accu-chek, Abbott’s, etc that provide quick and accurate results. The test readings are flashed on the display window. However, for those with visual impairment this can be a major hindrance in knowing the results correctly. There are many meters now like Companion Voice, Prodigy Voice that are designed keeping in mind the difficulty in reading. Companion blood glucose monitoring system is available in talking as well as non- talking version.

Companion blood glucose monitoring system

Blood glucose monitoring systems are a necessary part of your diabetes management plan. Diabetes control is necessary as it may cause complications if left untreated for long. Among the ill effects of diabetes is nerve damage and blurring of vision that it causes. Sometimes some senior citizens and other diabetics irrespective of their age may be unable to read the results that are displayed on the meter windows. Even if they test the glucose levels they would not be able to understand the correct readings. What do they do in such a situation? The Companion blood glucose monitoring system developed by Omnis Health proves to be their real companion.

The Companion is available in two versions. The innovative Companion has optional readout feature to provide the test results. The best part is that it takes you through the testing procedure step-by-step. There are visual as well as audible results provided to users in English or Spanish.

The Companion has several other features similar to regular meters. It has a 300 test memory and can provide you with 7, 14 and 30 day average glucose levels. The sample size is less than 1.0 micro liter. The test time is 6 seconds. It is easy to handle and comes with a large display. Additionally, it is also alternate site testing enabled. You can switch the talking feature on or off as per your need.

There are some who may feel a bit troubled with the Companion as it requires sight to use the scroll wheel that enables you to access memory recall, set time and date, sound volume etc. Typically it would speak only the code number and tell you to apply blood to test. Once done it will speak out the test results.
Normally those who buy the Companion would also buy the Companion test strips. There is also a data management system developed keeping in mind the needs for users to easily track the test results. Being a web based program you would find it easy to share your results with caregivers and doctors.

The Companion blood glucose monitoring system is extremely useful to all. With the talking feature it provides, it is a good friend of those with impaired vision. It is not just for these people but can be used by anyone. Even if it is very user friendly and simple it is no less accurate. Do check it out if you feel you want a friend who would read out the results of the test to you.

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