Take the right step with the right diabetic medicated foot cream

If you have diabetes, you might be more concerned about your diet, your exercise routine and getting your blood sugar levels under control. On the other hand, you should not neglect your hands and especially your feet since they could be adversely affected by diabetes in the long run. Regular inspections and a foot care routine are essential for healthy feet. You could definitely take the right step with the right diabetic medicated foot cream.

Diabetes results in a few unpleasant side-effects such as impaired blood supply, especially to the hands and feet and damaged nerve endings. This results in numbness on the soles of the feet sometimes accompanied by searing pain or spasms on the lower part of the legs. Poor blood supply also results in frequent foot infections caused by undetected cuts, wounds, ulcers and corns which you might not even notice due to numbness. Therefore, a daily foot care and checkup program should become an essential part of your routine if you want to protect your feet for a very long time.

Your foot care program should start with a lower leg dip in warm water containing natural salts. These salts can inhibit the growth of bacteria and also soothe aching leg muscles and joints. They can also speed up the healing process if you have any corn, ulcer or wound on your foot. You can wash and rinse your feet using a mild soap. Once your feet are dry, then it is time to inspect them in great detail. Run your hands over your entire feet paying close attention to your soles and between your toes. Check for any new ulcer, corn cut or punctures that might have been recently caused without you feeling anything. If you are unable to check the soles, then use a mirror with a handle and a long rod to do so. If you have any existing wound, then check its healing progress and make sure that it has not increased in size.

Once your inspection is complete, then use a diabetic medicated foot cream recommended by your podiatrist or foot doctor. There are many brands available in stores and over the internet. You can also go in for naturist foot programs that consist of many products including foot creams that contain natural herbs along with other natural ingredients. Any medicated cream that you use should be approved by the proper authorities and should be safe enough to use between your toes. These creams will keep you feet moisturized and also fight infection, calluses and other fungal problems that might blow out of proportion if left untreated over a period of time. The right cream will also help in removing excess heat from your feet, hence keeping it cool. The right diabetic footwear will also help in this regard and will also protect your feet from further damage.

Remember to stay adequately hydrated since this will reflect on your skin. The right diabetic foot cream will ensure that your foot care program succeeds in keeping your feet healthy and safe for a long, long time.

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