In the atkins blood diet low sugar levels can be achieved

The atkins diet has been controversial with many experts standing for and against such a diet. This diet advocates patients to consume foods that are low in carbohydrates but high in proteins and fats. This accelerates the body’s metabolism rate, thus burning fat at a faster rate and helping patients to slim down quickly. In diabetics too, the atkins blood diet low sugar levels can be achieved although this diet might not be suitable for all diabetic patients.

Dr. Atkins believed that since carbohydrates get converted to blood sugars very quickly and spike up blood sugar levels in diabetics, a diet that could contain low carbohydrate rates along with high fats and proteins could ensure that blood sugar levels remained within safe limits even after consumption of various meals in a day. His conclusion was that carbohydrates present in processed foods such as bread, sugar, pastas and even natural foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables were the culprits that got converted into body fat and excess sugar levels. He advocated eating eggs, chicken, red meats in steak or roast form, salads, and coffee as foods and drinks that could help people lose weight quickly.

Conforming to such a diet could lead to a state of ketosis in the patient’s body as the body would start to melt fat from the body. Patients would be replenishing vital fats by consuming fat foods but on the whole, they could certainly lose a lot of weight in a continuous manner. However, many experts cautioned diabetic patients from embarking on such a low-carb and high-fat diet since it could end up putting a lot of pressure on the diabetic’s kidneys and their weight could also balloon up rapidly once they disembarked from the atkins diet. Their view was that this was not the correct manner to artificially induce ketosis in a patient’s body since the functioning of many organs could spiral out of control.

Dr. Atkins also believed that since dieting patients consumed high-fat and high-protein products, they would not suffer from hunger pangs and this would enable them to stick to their diet for a longer period. Diabetics, especially with type ii diabetes could benefit the most from sticking to such a diet. The American Diabetes Association however recommends that people, especially diabetics get their diets approved by a competent dietician before they embark on it. The diabetic’s diabetic condition, weight, daily physical activity status, age, and sex too have a large role to play in the success or failure of any diet. Diabetics should also remember that an exercise regimen along with continuous monitoring of insulin levels is also very important in remaining within a controlled limit.

Hence, although in the atkins blood diet low sugar levels can be achieved, diabetics should get professional help before they dive into any diet since extremely high as well as low sugar levels could be dangerous for their health. The correct diet would be one that could enable them to safely lower their weight and also maintain their vital organs in proper, working order.

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