Improved glucose tolerance helps in glucose losing and normal blood glucose level maintenance.

Glucose level concentration in blood can lead to different effects. When glucose levels are not in the normal glucose range, if they are higher it can affect the nerves and even cause vision problems. If you are experiencing unexplained weight loss you should find out the reason for it by conducting tests. It becomes very important for you to track where you are glucose losing and the normal blood glucose levels.

You should be aware of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT). Those people who are extremely overweight or obese are at a high risk of IGT. The extra body fat affects the effect of insulin in the body. When the insulin in the body is not utilized properly the blood glucose levels can be abnormally high. However, with weight loss you are likely to regain normal glucose levels. This means that you are not yet diabetic but you may be at an increased risk of diabetes which is also termed as pre-diabetes.

It is very important to remember that when the body does not utilize the glucose that is produced it would be stored as fat for later use. This causes you to gain weight. Similarly if your glucose levels are high and there is impaired glucose tolerance then the solution for getting blood glucose levels back to normal range would be to lose weight. When the blood glucose levels are high it may lead to increased urination and weight loss. When glucose is too high the kidneys are unable to absorb all of it. The excess amount of glucose is flushed out of the body through the urine. But losing glucose in urine causes loss of calories. This can cause weight loss. Though it seems like a good way to lose weight it is not beneficial as you may also lose muscles and feel extremely weak and unwell.

It is very important to maintain normal blood glucose levels. The oral glucose tolerance test can help find if your blood glucose is in a normal range or not. If a person has glucose level of 7.8mmol/L 2 hours after drinking a glucose solution, then that person has normal tolerance. However, if the levels are above 7.8 and below 11.0mmol/L then that person has impaired glucose tolerance. To get the glucose levels to normal, exercises and healthy diet are priority. As the risk of type 2 diabetes is high when you have IGT a gradual weight loss can be useful. Just losing around 10 to 15 pounds can make a difference. It can help return your blood glucose levels to normal. Remember that losing weight with a fad diet can be more harmful. A gradual weight loss can help you to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Physical activity is also necessary. As you exercise the insulin sensitivity of the body increases which leads to better utilization of insulin by the body. As insulin works effectively the high glucose in the body is lost and you come to normal blood glucose levels.

It is very important to improve insulin usage for glucose level management and maintain normal blood glucose levels. This is possible with the help of a healthy diet and weight loss with increased physical activity.

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