1500 calorie diabetes diet meal plan

1500 calorie diabetes meal plan can be done with the help of several methods; two common methods are carbohydrate counting and diabetic exchange system. In carbohydrate counting method focus is only on carbohydrates in different foods. The foods those are high in carbohydrates raises blood sugar very rapidly. The foods which are high in carbohydrates are milk, fruit, starches, and sweets. People with diabetes consume 45% to 65% calories from carbohydrates and rest from proteins and fats. So carbohydrate counting is an important factor of diabetes meal plan.

1500 calorie diet is based on 50% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 20% protein. Diabetic exchange system is also helpful to plan this calorie diet. Using exchange system you can add variety of foods for the same calorie requirement. The exchange system groups all foods into six different categories; those are starches, vegetables, fruits, meat and meat substitutes, milk, and fats. Each food group contains list of foods having same amounts of calories. Therefore in a particular food group you can exchange food with another and with the help of exchanging you add variety of foods in your diet plan.

In 1500 calorie diet meal plan you have to consider serving sizes of foods. Serving sizes tell you how much amount of food you should take at each meal. One serving of starch group contains 80 calories and its equal to one slice bread, ½ cup starchy vegetables, ½ cup cooked rice, pasta or cereal, one small dinner roll, 3 cups popcorn or two rice cakes. One serving of vegetable group contains 25-30 calories which is equal to ½ cup cooked or one cup raw non-starchy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc.

One serving of fruits contains 60-80 calories which is equal to one small apple, banana, orange or ½ cup cooked or canned fruit or ½ cup fruit juice. One serving of low fat meat group means one ounce of cooked fish or lean meat, three egg whites, one ounce low-fat cheese or 1/3 cup cooked dry beans and all these food contains 70 calories. But one egg, one ounce meat, one ounce of natural cheese and one tbs. peanut butter contains 100 calories. One serving of low fat milk products contains 90 calories which equals to one cup non-fat yogurt or skim milk, one ounce low fat cheese or half cup cottage cheese. But one serving of regular milk products contains 150 calories like one ounce natural cheese, ¾ cup fruit flavored yogurt, one cup whole milk or yogurt.

All this information is useful for planning any calorie diabetic diet (like 1000, 1200 calorie diet). To reach 1500 calorie requirement take breakfast of 400 calories, three snacks at morning, evening and night each of 150 calories, lunch of 350 calories, and dinner of 300 calories. Once you become familiar with the serving sizes of foods from each food group, it is very easy to plan this diet. Also take help of registered dietitian to develop an individual meal plan. Nutritional needs are different for every person and you have to plan your diet according to your nutritional needs.

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